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What is it and how does a vaporizer work?

The first vaporizer designed to consume Marijuana dates from the early 80’s. It was marketed for some years and produced 80% less tar and 80% more THC than a pipe. The laws on paraphernalia forbade it when it began to be known. Fortunately, today they are manufactured without a problem and there are many possibilities that we find in the market such as Wax Rigs from puffingbird.

Using a herb vaporizer is possibly one of the healthiest alternatives and according to the model, fast to consume Marijuana, whether in the form of grass, hashish or oil. The dried Marijuana is crumbled using a  marijuana grinder and heated by a heat source without reaching combustionWhen it reaches between 185º / 195º C, the cannabis Vaporizers, free of toxins and, when inhaling, the vapor passes through the pulmonary alveoli and from there into the bloodstream. In this way, the psychoactive effects of marijuana can be felt in less than 5 minutes.

Besides to consume Marijuana, this type of vaporizers also serves to use it with other medicinal plants, either by inhaling the steam or in aromatherapy sessions.

how does a vaporizer work

Vaping cannabis is better than smoking 

In relation to consumption by combustion, whether with a joint or pipe, vaporizing reduces and, in some cases, eliminates the emission and subsequent assimilation by our body of harmful byproducts, such as tar, various hydrocarbons, toxins and soot. The cannabis vaporizer produce a clearer and cleaner effect, being recommended for medicinal uses. It is quite noticeable the day after a long steaming session because it does not leave that feeling of heaviness and oppression in the head, what in the USA we call a hangover.

Inhaled CBD tends to enter the bloodstream faster than other forms, in just 30 seconds or less, according to Mitch Earleywine, Ph.D., professor of psychology at the State University of New York, Albany, and advisor to the advocacy group of the NORML marijuana. He is also the author of “Understanding Marijuana” (Oxford University Press). Rapid action means that it must affect the body in a short time, which could be especially useful for immediate relief of pain or anxiety, for example.

The taste is clear. On some models the smell is almost negligible, allowing us to smoke marijuana in discreetly. Using a cannabis vaporizer can reduce Marijuana spending by up to 4 times. The maximum use when the marijuana is removed completely dehydrated. Dry Herb Vaporizers UK gives you the opportunity to choose between different models, providing reliable, top quality vaporizers at a very low price.

How to Vaporize Marijuana

When using a vaporizer, it is recommended to inhale slowly, keep a few seconds in the mouth and release the air little by little. In some models in which it is inhaled directly, the movement of air can produce an oscillation of the temperature. Among other uses of marijuana in medicine, vaporizing is highly recommended for people with nausea and lack of appetite, in addition, if you want to put aside cigarettes, it facilitates the difficult task of quitting tobacco.

Whether inhaling steam or using aromatherapy, the use of other plants such as Thyme, Lavender, Salvia or Eucalyptus helps reduce the use of medicines with synthetic active ingredients. The temperature of vaporization will depend on the resin that has the plant that we want to consume, some active ingredients can be toxic, so it is better to consult before vaporizing a plant that we do not know. To use the vaporizer with various types of medicinal plants, we should choose one that offers a wide range of temperature of use and the possibility of regulating it. These are some plants from which we can take advantage of their properties using the cannabis vaporizer.

  • Aloe Vera 183º C.
  • Eucalyptus 130º C
  • Chamomile 190º C
  • Nail 123º C
  • Lavender 130º C
  • Melisa 142º CS
  • Salvia 190º C
  • Thyme 190º C

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