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Vape Pens: What You Should Know

Are you addicted to nicotine? Well, your answer to this question determines how urgently you need to own a vaping pen of your own. Like smoking, vaping can turn into a hobby fast, and you need to be equipped when that happens. There are many vaping devices available in the market, but the vape pen is most common. For first-time vaping enthusiasts, the enclosure can be a symbol of immense mystery, but that is nothing to worry about. Let us unravel the parts;

  • Tank – where the e-liquid is held. Glass or plastic options allow you to see how much liquid is left.
  • Atomizer—the heating element of the Swagg Sauce vape pens. Without it, the e-liquid would not be vaporized.
  • Sensors – an action detector that triggers the switching on of the pen.
  • Battery – lithium-ion rechargeable batteries to power the heating bit.
  • Charger – Similar to phone chargers for powering the battery on the go.

Using a vape pen

The first step is to check that there is enough charge. If you have never used it before, take it out of the box and plug it in so that it is ready for use when needed. The next step is to refill the tank, but only up to the marker level. You are good to go after assembling the pieces of the vaping pen. It is essential to have gone through the instructions on the manual to have an easy time switching it on. Note the difference between mouths and switch activated pens. When inhaling, maintain healthy breathing and slow but steady draws.

Vape Pen Accessories

Especially for first time users, these accessories may not find use right way. Accessorizing your vaping experience means that you get more from experience;

  • Vape bands – add color as well as prevent breakage if the pen is dropped
  • Childproof bottle – keeps the vape juice out of children’s reach and secures against spills
  • Spare batteries – to always have with you for an uninterrupted vaping experience.
  • Charger – you own a wall, car, or USB charge to match your lifestyle.
  • Grinder – this is for those who use dry herbs. The blender should be preferably small and portable.
  • Mesh & mouthpiece – for use when including herbs
  • Drip tips – For distinctive flavors when vaping.


Is vaping something that you want to give a shot? Getting the right accessories and knowing how to operate or use your pen will make your experience worthwhile. If possible, buy your vaping pen from people who will either demonstrate or allow you to handle one as if in use.

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