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Top 10 tips to start vaping and quitting smoking

1 – Do not press to stop the classic cigarette. This will go by itself over time, as the dusty cigarette smoke will gradually disgust you. After a few weeks, you will prefer the light vapor of the electronic cigarette.


2 – Don’t reduce the nicotine content of your e-liquid too fast, if you decide to completely get rid of nicotine addiction. Decreasing 3 mg/ml per month is a winning method. That is why Aquablue offers e-cigarette liquids from 18 to 0 mg/ml with levels of 3 mg/ml. This is the progressive method we suggest if you start best CBD cigarettes, Street Heat, for example with a nicotine level of 15 mg/ml:
1st month: use liquids dosed at 15 mg/ml.
The second month: use 2 clearomizers: one dosed at 15 mg/ml, after meals, and another clearomizer with 12 mg/ml, the rest of the time.
3rd month: use 1 clearomizer with 12 mg/ml, after meals, and 1 clearomizer with 9 mg/ml, the rest of the time.
… etc


3 – If you smoke much more than you smoked before, this is normal. In fact, it takes a long time, about 30 minutes, to have the same dose of nicotine as a cigarette.


4 – If you vaporize too much nicotine liquid, your body will inform you at the beginning of a headache. Stop vaping for an hour. With the habit of vaping, you will learn yourself quickly when you stop vaping. Buy CBD Online here.


5 – Vary the pleasures by changing the liquid from time to time. Little by little, you will start to enjoy vaping with very different flavors: fruit, mint, greedy, drink, etc. You have the choice: we offer more than 150 e-liquids made in France.


6 – Always have a second battery and an electronic liquid recharge, since if it is dry, you risk going back to the classic cigarette.


7 – How to “shoot” in your e-cigarette?

To start, gently vacuum while pressing the battery switch to heat up the resistance of the atomizer. In fact, if you suck too hard, like with a real cigarette, the e-liquid will not have time to vaporize and no vapor will form, and it can make you cough.
So, suck a little harder until you find the right draw. Each subsequent puff should last four to five seconds.
You don’t need to keep the steam in your lungs because if you do, there will be nothing when you spit it out, which is quite frustrating when you try to find all the sensations from your old cigarettes. That said, it is good advice to vape quietly without being surrounded by a vapor cloud.


8 – Do not judge too quickly a liquid that you vaporize for the first time. In fact, a liquid is often appreciated after a few days of vaping. Sometimes we are surprised that we finally adore a liquid that left a bad first impression.


9 – Be aware of the change in the flavor of the liquid. If it takes on a metallic or burned taste, you should add it to your electronic cigarette. Or, it is your resistance that it is time to change.


10 – If your equipment is new, don’t be surprised if the taste of your e-liquid is tasteless. Allow time for your clearomizer or atomizer to break. He needs a little startup time to give you the best of himself. At first use, we also recommend that you change your new cartomizer in warm water. Buy Dank Vapes online.

Do you know other tips and want to share them? Feel free to leave a comment below for everyone to benefit from.



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