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Tips to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

If you are like everyone else, you must have tried to sift through dry marijuana leaves looking for tiny seeds to grow. But with the cannabis laws softening up significantly, it has now become easier to purchase cannabis seeds.

The legalisation of cannabis products in many countries has seen a sharp increase in the number of vendors selling cannabis seeds. Anybody can purchase cannabis seeds from anyone without fear of getting caught by the police because it’s legal!

But before you scamper away for your share of the cannabis seeds haul, pause. It’s easy to get duped into buying seeds that aren’t worth your while. It could be that the seeds are of poor quality; they are the wrong seeds from the wrong plant or sold by an unauthorized source which could get you into trouble with the government.

Good news is that there are ways to get around these inconveniences. So here are tips you can use to buy cannabis seeds online.


  • Buy Only from Trusted Vendors

For the purpose of convenience, it is easy to want to buy cannabis seeds from a random dealer online. This as opposed to having to conduct thorough background research on a vendor before purchase. Bad idea.

Choosing to buy your seeds from a trusted cannabis vendor means that you are guaranteed of the variety and seed quality. What’s more, you are sure that the transaction process will remain confidential and that you have access to professional services.

Approved cannabis seed vendors have a wide array of seed varieties which increases your chances of purchasing the precise strain of seeds you need.


  • Take the Law into Account

It may seem like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised to see the number of people caught buying cannabis seeds online knowing too well that they are breaking the law in their country.  Whether or not you are aware of the marijuana laws practised in your locality, if caught on the wrong, you risk suffering heavy penalties or being charged in court.

Most people buy cannabis seeds for general use or for medical reasons. Find out the legal restrictions that come with growing or consuming cannabis seeds in your area. This way, you know what to do and what you cannot do as provided under the law.

For example, some laws allow people to grow a specified number of cannabis plants on their own property provided they don’t sell to or share the product with other people. Other laws completely bar people from cultivating cannabis seeds unless they have approval from the relevant authorities that it is for medicinal purposes only.


  • Cheap is Indeed Expensive

The reason why many would rather avoid purchasing cannabis seeds from established online vendors is that their prices are too high. But wouldn’t you rather spend a bit more than spend less on a product that barely meets the minimum quality standards?

Think of it as the small price to pay for a smooth, quick, and worry-free transaction. You may take the risk and buy from a less known online cannabis supplier. While there’s a small chance that you might find what you’re looking for, you’re still not guaranteed the same quality and safety standards each time you make a purchase.


  • Keep it to Yourself

As exciting as it is to tell your friends or colleagues that you are planning to buy cannabis seeds for whatever reason, it may be a good idea to keep it all to yourself. It’s no secret that most people looking to buy cannabis seeds want to grow their own weed. This even when the local laws prohibit one from doing so.

Telling others what you plan to do with the seeds could end up in the wrong ears, which could warrant unwanted attention from the authorities or law enforcement.


  • Maintain Confidentiality Throughout the Process

With cybercrime becoming ever rampant, it is always a good idea to reveal as little of yourself as possible, especially when trying to purchase cannabis seeds online.

One wrong move and an online bandit can put two and two together and gain access to all your personal information. This could put you at risk of identity theft. They could see your financial details and get away with your money. They may even find out your home address and who knows what they’ll do after?

What’s more, it could get you on the authority’s radar. Officers could track you from afar just to see what you plan to do with the seeds. If found to be breaking the law, you risk being penalized or arrested.

You never know if they actually are a real vendor or a thief and hacker posing as one. The last thing you want is to find out, only when it’s too late, that you revealed payment details to the wrong person. This is another reason why it can be risky to work with an unknown cannabis vendor.

To stay on the safe side when buying cannabis seeds online,

  1. Never use the address of your garden as the shipping destination for your cannabis seeds
  2. Never use your personal credit card. Opt instead to pay in cash or use a business credit card whose attached address isn’t yours
  3. Never use your real email address. It is better to create a new email account using a nickname. Use this email for online transactions only
  4. When shipping from overseas suppliers, you are, however, encouraged to use your real name and address. Using a fake name and address may raise suspicion from the relevant authorities who may be prompted to search and confiscate your order/package

Bottom Line

If you have little experience or it is your first time to buy cannabis seeds online, the entire process may seem blurry and unclear. With the tips listed above, you now know what to look out for and what to do whenever you’re looking to purchase cannabis seeds and transact online.

No doubt, you’re always safer when dealing with reputable cannabis seed vendors. Not sure which one to choose? Sensiseeds boasts top place among the best most reliable place to buy cannabis seeds online.

Feel free to explain to your vendor that you don’t have much experience purchasing cannabis seeds online in addition to telling them what you want. They can, in turn, offer valuable insight and recommend the right strain or give you advice on how you can get a better yield from the seeds

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