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The uses of cannabis throughout history

The plants from which cannabis is obtained have been known since ancient times. Either for their physical or chemical properties, they have been cultivated for 8,000 years for different human uses. The vegetable fiber obtained from the plant is called hemp and is useful for the production of paper or cloth. Additionally, the seeds are […]

Medical marijuana

New York marijuana: What to know about cannabis lobbying and political influence

New Yorkers drive to Massachusetts to buy for cannabis. Which is much of the pro-marijuana lobbying money trail in New York leads to medical and recreational drug companies behind growing cannabis empires across the country story Highlights Retain has paid $400,000 to lobbyists since 2013 Columbia Care, of Monroe County, also spent about $400,000 on […]

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How to buy best Cannabis Oil

Since business cannabis creation is still moderately new – numerous specialists haven’t made sense of how to appropriately propose portions for cannabis oil versus dried cannabis. To support them (and as a component of the permitting procedure for makers), Health Canada has made the Equivalency Factor, which applies cannabis to an increasingly commonplace setting of […]