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CBD Oil Edibles for Dog & Cat Eczema – Cannabis for Pets

Does your dog have dry skin or scratch, chew, or lick certain parts of their body a lot? Chances are they have eczema. This can be caused by several reasons including anxiety. There are some tell tale symptoms that can help you spot if your dog has eczema. CBD oil can help with symptoms as well as treatment and can be found here.

Signs of Eczema in Dogs

Dogs with eczema feel itchy and need relief. Eczema can cause dogs to have hot spots where hair is nearly gone if it isn’t already as well as sores from scratching. It causes them pain as well as sleep loss. Some signs your dog may have eczema include scratching chewing and licking irritated areas. Irritated skin may be red or even bleed. Eczema can cause pain due to their scratching and can cause them to hurt when being pet. Their fur maybe missing or become matted in areas they have been paying more attention to.

If symptoms get worse dogs may have skin sores such as blisters and weeping wear sores ooze pus. They may get crusty skin from scabs and pus. Their skin may become tough or rough feeling.

These symptoms are usually easy to spot, but may not be noticed until the eczema is worse, most commonly you will notice the sound of your dog and notice it is always scratching at itself.

The main cause of eczema is an overactive immune system which causes the body to produce more blood flow in certain areas which can cause an itchy feeling. This can be caused from allergies and even fleas. Some dogs get allergies seasonally and some get allergies from different pet foods as well as from some grooming products.

Treating Eczema Naturally

If you notice your dog scratching more that is probably what lead you here. To find some way to relieve your dogs’ symptoms in a healthy way.  Common treatments include medications, shots, and ointments.  All of these treatments are usually given and have possible side effects that may not be what you want for your dog.

CBD oil is more of a holistic medical approach. People have tried using other natural remedies for eczema including diet changes, which can sometimes aggravate the issue more. Other approaches include oatmeal baths which do help soothe the skin as well as make it smell better however sometimes this can cause more issues of dry skin and increase scratching.

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CBD Oil and Eczema

CBD oil can help treat underlying issues that may cause eczema to flare up. Some issues that cause flares up of eczema include anxiety as well as inflammation which can both be helped by CBD oil. CBD oil can also help by providing anti itch and anti bacterial properties which prevents further break out. CBD oil can be given in dog treats that may be easier for a dog to take than a capsule. There are also creams made with CBD oil to help relieve inflammation of eczema and provide pain relief quickly.


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