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Hunting For A Rare Congolese Weed Strain With The Kings of Cannabis life

I know the thing for hours as I can cause that do about it is really built and being contained either I’m going rather congo black so close to singing mental health genetics spoken to have an aid but causes a first up one after an interested and a people but this below the hunter pretty original Congolese of androids has been going on for decades and if this train and discovered you could mean a potential gold mine for these western seed graders there are the fields a park ganja but this is a very young guys the five we sold. were first why is this tiny build in a much of plants not satisfying too number one when it’s even to collect seats and the flower simple and i got to grassroots selection diffuse show you you’re very big feel you can shape uniformity you can check quarks you can check diseases you can check this most important you can smart this stuff these are report these are partnership began twenty years ago or you on in frank was kind of a strains of one’s health is awards and gave them huge amounts of things burning them that and gradually diseases and it’s made them both very red i know think of the chemicals range [UM] been given at a later they lines today all of their breeding enterprises Amsterdam copy shops and see distribution centers combined our worth of millions of dollars their rags birds it’s a salary and world to find unique strains of cannabis that they called land races without the unique genetics and these land races marjona in frank franker could have never built better cannabis and family you to pull this is roughly thirty years going all over the planets potent in australia of the skills if you’re all mammary sand castle education to something in brady which would solve or a very compound this is a you’re breaks of modern bringing of creating you can be strike slanderous is the beginning and they believe will africa holds genetically unix strings that cause revolutionized candidates laughing there is a lot of their homes research because of the wars the lack of fully for start shark progress all these situations

Created isolation so that’s where we guide the are seas his beheaded can choose to list there if there’s a local was to for you our guides at heard stories of this huge untouched we and feelings today are down the river that has never been seen by outsiders but one thing was clear emission wasn’t going to be amazing soldier I set up process our journey started in a city at which is and dodgy we reboard in our votes and there is no way that somebody has come into the thirty years bring you seeds are bringing anything that taken communally does was no way grappling down that river by bay it doesn’t sound to you about it first and so you realize you’re travelling on a holiday tree trunk for today is today there really all the good you a the since the discovery of candidates humans you’ve been trying to cultivate and improve the lines holding it to their own needs I know has been probably which may seem two thousand years before through the path of human migration unique land raises have emerged around the globe most landry’s is from countries like thailand in india have already been discovered but the plants and congo or largely unexplored and may have untapped genetic potential with us market opening a cd are young in frank of find here could be sold in the states where their products.



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