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Outdoor Cannabis Garden: Everything You Need to Know

If you ever saw an outdoor cannabis garden, you would never have assumed that it takes a lot of work to grow such a simple garden. As much as cannabis is not a demanding plant, you will surely need to know a lot about it if you want to grow it successfully. 

From types of fertilisers and soils to finding the best places for the plants to grow, you will need to consider every single detail. If you do not have any other option for the outside garden then you will need to plant your cannabis inside. The first thing you will need to purchase for that is LED grow lights to ensure there is enough light for plants to grow.

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Besides all of that, you will need to ensure a few other things that are essential if you wish to have a lovely cannabis garden outside. For those who can’t grow cannabis indoors or even outdoors, they can purchase some of the cannabis products on the market, such as herb vape pen and enjoy their CBD wherever they are.


If you’re unable to find the solution for the soil, you will have to put all the plants in pots. Also, if, for some reason, you’re unable to dig holes in the ground and amend the soil, containers are a way to go. You can place them on decks, rooftops, patios or many other spots. 

The great thing about containers is that you can quickly move them during the day to catch the best amount of sunlight or protect your plants for oppressive heat or wind. You can use cannabis nutrients which are specially made for indoor growing as you will be using premixed soil. This will tremendously help you with fertilising your plants.  


Your cannabis plants will need water if you want them to grow. One of the main benefits when having an outside garden is that your plants will receive water from rain and groundwater. However, don’t forget to water your plants frequently, especially when the temperatures are high. 

For your reference, the most significant cannabis plants will need to receive up to 40 litres every day during hot, summer days. If you want to improve water retention, think about adding water-absorbing polymer crystals to your soil. When talking about the best time to water your plants, do it the first thing in the morning, so they have an adequate amount of water during the day. 


Unfortunately, you will not be able to control the environment as you would if you had your cannabis garden indoors, but there are plenty of ways to ensure proper protection for your plants. If you planted cannabis in an area with low temperatures, you would need to use a greenhouse or any other protective enclosure to prevent it from damage. 

When talking about the wind, it can break branches and cause harm to your plants. Avoid having your plants in windy spots or set up a windbreak to protect your cannabis garden. If you’re on a budget, you can attach plastic sheeting to garden stakes which are set around your plants. The same protection can be used against the rain. 

You will need to protect your outdoor cannabis garden from pests as well. This is a bit more difficult than protecting it from weather conditions, but it’s not impossible. One of the ways to deal with pests is having a large animal like deer around your crop. But this doesn’t protect your plants from crawling and flying insects.

The only way to protect your plants is by merely keeping them healthy as healthy cannabis plants are naturally resistant to pests. Please keep your cannabis plants separated from your other plants and flowers because pests usually spread between them. 

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Final Thoughts

Having your cannabis garden has many benefits, but before enjoying all of them, you will need to invest your time and money in it first. Luckily, there are so many methods on the market now that you can quickly grow your garden without spending too much. 



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