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Homemartian rocks weedMoon Rocks and Sun Rocks: What's the Difference

Moon Rocks and Sun Rocks: What’s the Difference

At this point, you’ve most likely known about Moon Rocks—those boss little packages of concentrated cannabis satisfaction even Snoop Dogg is by all accounts careful about. They’ve for some time been viewed as the most grounded thing a stoner can illuminate, even in our cutting edge period of lawful concentrates and super strains—however people have a method for pushing limits. On the off chance that you didn’t definitely know, Moon Rocks are old news now. Sun Rocks are extremely popular, and they evidently make Moon Rocks appear to be manageable.

Snoop won’t contact these terrible young men.
So what’s everything the buzz about? Are Sun Rocks worth the promotion or not?

From little strides to goliath jumps

Kurupt’s Moon Rocks were among the first to hit the open market and can maybe be viewed as leading figures. They’re made by dunking Girl Scout Cookies in hash oil before moving them in kief. The THC fixation levels in these little beasts can allegedly achieve 51%, which was just incredible before their presentation.
Since Kurupt’s adaptation, a few others have shown up. They regularly have somewhat extraordinary names to mirror their twists on the first equation, yet the expression “Moon Rock” has come after some time to fundamentally signify “any blend of bud, concentrate and kief.”
This has made Moon Rock quality somewhat of a moving target. Without a doubt, joining a blossom with THC oil and trichomes is continually going to bring about an option that is more grounded than any of the three autonomously, however, the genuine potency of your last item is eventually going to rely upon the quality of every one of its fixings. Kurupt’s image and a couple of different goliaths aside (or possibly your own?), it very well may be hard to guarantee that the Moon Rock you’re purchasing is made utilizing quality buds, oil or kief—particularly since you practically need to tear these things open to recognize what they’re truly made of.

Seeing sunrise

Enter Sun Rocks—the move up to Moon Rocks. They don’t really appear to be identical, and neither should they. These things perform at a totally unique dimension, and this is a result of the fastidious manner by which their fixings are chosen and joined. The strategies for the two most obvious producers—Big Tray Deee’s Sun Rocks and Apollo Sun Rocks—vary somewhat from one another, yet both unmistakably mirror attention on amplifying quality and consistency.
First off, the two producers just utilize top-rack OG blooms. This by itself altogether raises potency levels. Big Tray Deee’s King Lui OG Sun Rocks have allegedly tried at 80% THC focus. Apollo Sun Rocks haven’t exactly achieved that crazy dimension of potency, however, they’ve reliably drifted around the 60% imprint—simply over the higher classes of Moon Rock society. As ought to maybe be normal, bud decision has a really big effect.
In any case, cautious blossom choice is only one part of Sun Rock predominance. The upgrade is the thing that basically characterizes items like Moon Rocks and Sun Rocks—and Sun Rock producers approach it in an assortment of fascinating ways. This is the place the genuine magnificence of the Sun Rock idea is seen. Instead of essentially following a recipe with tradable materials, each brand offers a one of a kind item intended to satisfy its very own guidelines.
Big Tray Deee’s procedure appears to be revolved around potency—and maybe straightforwardness. Their buds get an overwhelming covering of nug run concentrate for max power—and after that only a light tidying of kief (rather than the thick layer more often than not connected with Moon Rocks). What results is an item whose prevalent quality is quickly obvious—directly down to the premium nug at its inside.
Apollo’s procedure, then again, seems to advance virtue. Their Sun Rocks more intently look like Moon Rocks than Big Tray’s, however, they’re made utilizing solventless concentrate and simply natural kief. Apollo doesn’t exactly accomplish the focus levels Big Tray does in the lab, however the fantastic taste and smoking quality of their items unmistakably show the advantages of utilizing entirely natural fixings.

sun rocks

As various as night and day?

Alright, so every maker’s Sun Rock is uncommon and complies with strict quality norms. However, is that actually so new? It’s not just as the different twists on the first Moon Rock aren’t considered—their producers are essentially tweaking a general recipe. We know there are Moon Rock brands conveying reliable quality. We’ve sketched out, what—two believed Sun Rock producers? The universe of Moon Rocks has that. So what truly sets Sun Rocks separated?

Potency level. It truly is as straightforward as that.

The exercises behind the production of something many refer to as a Sun Rock specifically added to an enormous and intentional bounce in the THC fixation level feasible through a mix of blossom, concentrate and kief. Before Sun Rocks came to fruition, there was anything but a tried Moon Rock that ruptured 51%. Because of the presence of Sun Rocks, our base is 60% and our roof’s currently at 80%.
Strict blossom decision has obviously had an effect, yet at last, the monstrous jump from Moon Rock to Sun Rock potency levels appears to have to a great extent been brought about by the way that Sun Rock producers select and apply their improvements all the more cautiously and inventively.
It’s totally conceivable, in endeavouring to make Moon Rocks, to consolidate the correct fixings and accomplish Sun Rock potency.


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