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How to eliminate Marijuana Odors from Bags

How to eliminate Marijuana Odors from Bags

We love bags. And, they come in handy for many purposes. But what happens when we fail to maintain them well? They get smelly. But, the smell should not prevent you from using your favorite bag. Why? There are simple ways of eliminating the odor.

And if the odor removal tips fail to be useful. I can assure you they won’t. You may need to invest in a smell proof bags.

Clean with Warm or Cold Water

Cleaning your bag is indisputable the first and the most common solution to any dirt. Depending on its type, you can either use warm or cold water. Before you start washing, you have to read the label. If it is machine wash, you can clean the bag in cold water. You can use warm water if the label reads differently.

Removing hard stains with washing detergent and sponge is an efficient way of making your bag cleaner. Make sure you dry and live your bag to aerate.

Use Vinegar

Cleaning is the first step when your bag is washable. In cases where it’s a leather-bag, or the smell is staunch, cleaning alone is never sufficient. White vinegar works wonders with the scent. By using a spray bottle, you can spray the bag both sides and leave it to aerate. Only that and your bag is free from smell.

Use Baking Powder

Baking powder is an excellent alternative to vinegar when cleaning smelly bags. The only downturn is it takes a little bit longer. But it is available with no sweat.

When using baking powder, you have to pour it over the surface and inside of the smelly bag. For better results, you can put it in a zip bag, and let it stay for 24 hours. In the event, you remove the baking powder, and the bag is still smelly. Repeat the process over and over again. Until there is no more smell.


Use Smell proof bags.

Apart from getting filled with odor, ordinary bags can still not carry items with a strong stench like spices or food. Luckily enough, innovations never end. Nowadays, the right way of forgoing the distress of odor bags is by using smelly proof bags.

And not only are the bags affordable but they also come in many style variations. Consider the example of the smell proof cross-body bags. Apart from being unisex, they are useful for many outdoor events. More, they offer better security due to their lockable zippers.



The tips here are the right tips for eliminating odors from bags. If you are to counter extreme smell from bags, regular cleaning and aeration are vital. Besides, rather than continue stressing over bag smell of marijuana, you can replace your bags with smell proof bags.



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