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Taking CBD oil can be better for the athlete?

Taking CBD oil can be better for the athlete?

Athletes are discovering that CBD can help them in different ways. Consuming CBD Oil before exercise. This cannabinoid can improve its performance. But when it’s over, the CBD can also contribute to its recovery.

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Taking CBD oil can be better for the athlete
Taking CBD oil can be better for the athlete

That is why the CBD is on its way to becoming an essential supplement for athletes.

Anyone who has practised a resistance sport seriously knows how hard it is. It affects your muscles. It leaves them sore. It also influences your immune system. Even if you have no preparation for the next beneficial Iron Man. Being in shape also means living with a specific dose of pain.

Now imagine that you are a professional athlete. Your job is to perform as an athlete and take your body to the limit. As much as it is not a particularly hard sport. This type of activity always takes its toll. If you are a professional in a game with a lot of contacts. The situation is much more alarming. Perhaps the best example is that of football players. NFL athletes (National Football League) learn to live with pain.
How they manage to cope is another matter. Since the consumption of drugs of any kind is a fundamental problem in this area. The use of steroids and opioids are cause for concern. Also, in the USA.

It is the most prescribed painkiller for this type of chronic pain. And thanks to the anti-drug fight, cannabis is included in all anti-doping controls. If anybody detected in any body fluid, it would be a sanction.
The reality today is that athletes face regulations contrary to marijuana in any discipline around the world. And it is difficult to predict when this situation will begin to change. The American NFL is currently facing it. And the most hopeful thing is that there are already symptoms that it will be possible to see changes soon. There is already a date on the horizon.

Taking CBD oil can be better for the athlete
Taking CBD oil can be better for the athlete


Not only is it relatively easy to generate dependence on opioids, but it is also a high risk of overdose. And it is that for the consumer, it is often difficult to understand. The difference between a palliative dose and a lethal dose before it is too late to seek help.
For this reason, especially in this time of reforms. Football players are joining in claiming that cannabis is included in the list of allowed substances. This includes THC, although more and more attention is paid to CBD. Here is the most exciting aspect of this green rebellion in the NFL. Several sports organisations are currently assessing the impact of cannabis on physical performance. For the time being, it is still prohibited.

The athletes continue undergoing analysis to detect it. And this goes beyond the consumption of THC. The policy of the league assumes in practice that even when using a dye with CBD to treat topical muscular distension. Players could be exposed to penalties for “drug use”. In the NFL, this has become a problem for both the players and the owners of the teams.

However, in three years, the collective agreement will be renegotiated. There are many hopes that the cannabis ban will be eliminated from the league at that time.
It could cause a domino effect on the regulations of other organisations and sports competitions. We refer to all kinds of fields, from the Olympic Games to football or long-distance athletics and cycling.
All this situation gives rise to a new revolution. Marijuana with high CBD content is about to reach a new field. It is no longer “exclusively” for patients and patients.


There can be so many answers to this question.
The first one is base on wellbeing and health, instead of diseases and injuries. When we practice sports, our body produces a series of chemicals naturally. They are called endorphins. However, our body also generates something we know as anandamide. It is a neurotransmitter that is often considered the “happiness molecule”. Anandamide can also be classified as an endocannabinoid. In other words, a cannabinoid produced naturally by the human organism itself. Because of this, cannabinoids also adhere perfectly to their receptors. Among them, taking CBD oil can be better for the athlete. When anandamide adheres to a cannabinoid receptor. It generates a calming effect. It may not be as effective in subjects who usually have elevated anandamide levels.

How it works

However, for those with lower anandamide levels and who need an additional energy supply, such as athletes. The CBD seems to exert effects that no other treatment known to date offers.CBD act with a receptor known as TRPV-1. It is a type of receptors that intervenes in the perception of pain, inflammation and body temperature. It also activates the adenosine receptor, a fundamental function in the cardiovascular system and blood flow.
Many athletes discover that CBD also helps them improve their “rhythm” during exercise. Also, a posteriori, especially when administered topically, contributes to its recovery.
Although CBD may not work in the same way as THC, it has shown that, like other cannabinoids, it helps the body recover. It also seems to get more normal homeostasis.


For all these reasons, many athletes are considering how to add CBD to their current routines. goes far beyond the professionals.
There are several simple ways to get it, and they only require a bit of organisation and individual elements.
CBD oil is a popular alternative, either by itself or combined with a food or drink. Athletes, in particular, declare that consuming drops of CBD oil before, during and after their careers makes the experience more rewarding. Mixing them with yoghurt or juice is also a way to prolong and intensify the effects.
As soon as the prohibition in sport is over, athletes will begin to resort to the CBD. Many already claim that by administering it topically in their tired muscles, they perceive a great relief from pain. Some use the oil directly, while others apply specific creams and lotions.



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