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Know everything about glass bongs

Today, CBD products are increasingly fashionable. They are no longer just items that are used inside the home, but they are also used as outward doors. Proof of this is the bongs that we can see in pubs and cafeterias for the enjoyment of their clients.

In puffingbird we have a large selection of glass bongs for sale and, in this article, we will show you how to use a bong. One of our star products. There are also other well-known products such as Dab rigs, Bubblers, Concentrate straws, Ash catchers and many more.

Know everything about glass bongs
Know everything about glass bongs

At first glance, the bongs look like what they are not. Especially if you have never smoked in one. They are also known as water pipes because they are like pipes with a very easy and simple mechanism.

The bongs, basically, what they do is cool the smoke so that smoking is more fun.

Knowing the bongs

The first thing to know how to use a bong is to know what its parts are. Take it and handle it as you wish. They are very sophisticated articles.

The bongs consist of several pieces that work as one. Knowing how to use it will make the experience very good.

  • Hole to inhale: It is the opening that is in the tube where you will place the lips. When you go to inhale, you should put your lips inside, not outside. As if you were going to play a musical instrument.
  • The chamber: It is the area where smoke accumulates. When you inhale, what you do is fill the smoke chamber and then leave it empty.
  • The container: This is where you leave your marijuana. It is also known by the name of the slider.
  • Diffuser: it is the tube that connects the water of the bong with the container. You can remove it or leave it. As you prefer. There are bongs that do not have a diffuser. Instead, it has a tube that conducts the smoke from the container to the chamber.

Steps to smoking in bongs

Step 1: Fill the bong with cold water

It is important that you fill the bong with cold water since it will cool the smoke so you can inhale more smoke.

Another alternative is to fill it with ice and then put the water you need. It is essential that you put water for the bubbles to occur.

Notice that the bong is not overflowing with water. It must be below the carburettor.

Step 2: Fill the pot with marijuana

Crumble your grass to put it in the container. It is important that you do not fill it too much so as not to waste it.

Next, place your lips in the mouth of the bong. As we have said, it is best to put them inside. You must ensure that you cover the bong well so that you can inhale properly.

Step 3: How to catch the bong

Take it with one hand and cover the carburettor. The carburettor is the hole in the side of your bong.

To smoke comfortably, it is best to sit or lie down and lean the bong on top of you.

Step 4: Turn on the bong

Light the lighter and burn your weed. At the same time, inhale. You will see how the container fills with white smoke.

Keep inhaling until you notice that there is enough smoke inside the chamber.

Release the carburettor. Inhale the smoke. Expire everything.

Step 5: Hold your breath

Try to hold the smoke in your lungs for about 5 seconds.

The first time you may cough, it is very frequent and normal. But you’ll get used to it while you’re inhaling.

You already have the steps to enjoy a bong! Now just relax and enjoy!

Good fumes!



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