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Brilliant cannabis packaging designs

Cannabis is safer than alcohol is having a really great time! In recent months, in Italy, there has been a real boost in the sale of light cannabis. In fact, only in May, the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forest Policy give the green light to the production and sale of this type of cannabis. In particular, mild marijuana is a legal type of marijuana that has very low THC levels and without any psychological effects. The light trade-in cannabis has created a twist that is already predominant in flax packaging design.

Cannabis store

The legalization of cannabis sales has led to the emergence of many light cannabis shops, also known as hemp shops. Both physical and online stores sell multiple items related to or made of horn. We are talking about a wide variety of products ranging from cookies to infusions and dried inflorescences. All of these cannabis items have quickly gained considerable success and because of this, horn shops have started needing custom cannabis packaging to differentiate their brand from the competition and get it recognized.

In Italy, dried flowers are commonly labeled as “technical/industrial use products”. In fact, almost all Italian hemp shops are interested in mentioning that their legal marijuana is not a drug, it is not combustion or a food product, and, above all, it cannot be sold to minors.

Cannabis packaging design and advertising

Horn-based products are relatively new to the Italian market and a few other countries, so many companies are experiencing a real “green gold rush”. At this stage, it is important to get out of your competition in order to attract the maximum number of customers. The key to achieving this goal is to launch new products and promote them.

Effective and attractive advertising of your brand and products significantly increases the chances of reaching and attracting customers in a wide and varied range. The packaging is, of course, one of the most effective tools to attract your brand to customers.

Creating memorable and personalized lightweight cannabis packaging designs is a great way to aim and remember. Also, the attention to detail shown in the table is the care and passion that the brand puts into creating its products and it adds more value to the consumer shopping experience.

Our Lightweight Cannabis Cannabis Packaging Design Gallery contains great examples of packaging featuring truly remarkable graphic and structural designs. Enjoy!

Cannabis branding and packaging

Cannabis is now legal in half of the US states. And further follow-up is expected, and it sells the product in a fast-growing industry, whether for recreational or therapeutic use. We have grown cannabis-related companies on 99 design platforms, where we have seen a 55% increase in design plans for this new brand over the past two years.

Whether or not cannabis is legal in your state, it is not illegal for packaging design firms to work for cannabis customers, it said. It can also be controversial with clients.

If you decide to work with marijuana companies, you need to accept an updated explanation and stay away from old clicks that may contain more negative expressions. Like any logo and marketing design, you also want to consider your target audience.

Here are five trends to look for in cannabis brands and packaging:

  1. Image of leaves
  2. In green and in principle
  3. Concentrate on health.
  4. Minimalism




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