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What are the two best dry herb vaporizers in the UK?

It is becoming increasingly difficult to argue that smoking cannabis isn’t bad for you. Temperatures inside a joint can reach over 1000°C. This causes plant matter to combust and release hundreds of toxins and carcinogens.


As a result, smokers are switching to herbal vaporizers in high numbers due to its health benefits. A dry herb vaporizers only reach temperatures of 220°C. This is hot enough to release all of your weed’s terpenes and cannabinoids but cool enough to leave the harmful carcinogens behind.


If you’re considering giving up smoking, you can find a great selection of UK dry herb vaporizers at Vape Elevate but below are three vapes that I fell in love with.


Pax 3

The Pax 3 is to vaporizers what Apple is to laptops and mobile phones; it is jam-packed full of the latest mobile technology and looks amazing.


In fact, it doesn’t look immediately like a cannabis vaporizer. The entire device has no protruding parts and its only button is hidden underneath its flat mouthpiece.


Despite being less than 10cm in height, this little device is powerful. It is powered by an impressive 3,0 00mAh battery that’ll reach maximum temperature in under 20 seconds and provide enough juice for around ten vaping sessions. This is enough to last two full days for me.


Perhaps the most impressive feature is its ability to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. All you need to do is download the official Pax 3 app for either Apple or Android and it’ll automatically find your vape when you open it.


Once connected, you have the ability to control your vape’s temperature from your smartphone



Most of the vaping community recognise the Mighty as the hardest hitting herbal vape money can buy.


Unlike the Pax 3, the Mighty’s focus isn’t aesthetics, instead, it is all about performance.


There’s so much I could write about the Mighty but three innovations, in particular, stand out:


Hybrid Heating – most vaporizers are powered by conduction or convection. Conduction vapes have the advantage of being cheap and powerful, however, they are not efficient. On the other hand, convection vapes are very efficient but they are slow to heat up. The Mighty has a unique ‘hybrid heater’ that implements both conduction and convection. This means it has the advantages of both whilst cancelling out the disadvantages.


Air-Cooling Unit – Vapour tastes better when it is cool. Unfortunately, vapour has to reach temperatures of over 200C and the result is normally lots of coughing and harsh taste. On top of the Mighty’s oven sits an air cooling unit. Inside, the vapour is designed to be pulled over specially designed ridges that cool your vapour to almost room temperature. This leaves your vapour smooth and tasty than you’ve ever had it.


5,200mAh battery – The Mighty has an unprecedented 5,200 battery – no other vaporizer comes even close. This provides nearly two full hours of vaping time which is enough to take me through most of the week! Furthermore, the devices boast pass-through charging which means you can vape whilst the device is on charge – very convenient.



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