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Review of Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson Oil California not to be confused with the conventional hemp oil found in vitamin stores. RSO contains potent concentrations of CBD and THC. This combination is what makes it an effective medical treatment of severe diseases such as cancer (s).

Cannabidiol (CBD) According to current research, CBD is the most beneficial component found in cannabis. Its aim is to reverse the growth of cancerous tumors. Acting through the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors. it is believed that endocannabinoids (as well as THC) play a role in the variety of biological functions, including pain, control of anxiety and reduction of inflammation. It has also been shown that CBD reduces pressure and swelling in the eyes as a side effect of glaucoma. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) THC can selectively induce programmed cell death in brain tumor cells without negatively affecting surrounding healthy cells. In 2000, the Journal Nature Medicine reported that synthetic THC injections eradicated brain tumors in one-third of the treated rats and prolonged life in another third for six weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rick Simpson oil

About Rick Simpson Oil is becoming extremely popular as an alternative cure for the life-threatening disease, cancer. For years, scientists have worked to find a cure. But to date, it is believed that there is no effective cure for cancer. However, with Rick Simpson’s oil entering the scene, many people claim that they cured their cancer. However, there are still concerns among many people about its effectiveness and several unanswered questions.

The solution about the doses: How much to use?

About 55 to 60 ml is enough to cure the most serious cancers. But since the oil is extremely potent, treatment is most effective when started with small doses, and gradually increases with time.  Take the amount of half-size grain of rice drop four times a day. After four days, increase the dose slowly. And you will notice that as time passes, your body will accumulate a higher tolerance level. This oil is highly curative to instant injury within minutes.

Is Rick Simpson Oil addictive?

Hemp oil is not addictive and harmless. It is useful to treat almost any type of medical condition, without your body is anxious to do so. Can you get high? The quick answer is YES you can. If you follow the prescribed dose, most people can undergo complete treatment without getting high. However, when it comes to hemp, getting high is almost impossible. Because even if a person has taken too much, the effect quickly disappears. How should I use it? RSO oil can be used in three ways: ingested, suppository, or applied topically. For external use, you can add hemp oil to the balms and creams.

Hopefully, all your misconceptions and uncertainties will be removed after reviewing these Frequently Asked Questions about Rick Simpson Oil.

The benefits of Rick Simpson hemp oil

 For the ignorant, this may seem virtually impossible or even stupid. But take a look at the list of some of the benefits that come with the use of hemp oil Rick Simpson before labeling it in another way: completely addicted free, since neither the mind nor the body craves the “drug” once the consumption stops. It treats diseases and conditions that even modern medicines have not been able to cure. A safe and harmless medicine for almost age groups. Counters growth of cancer cells in the human body. Treats and potentially heals all forms of cancer. Increases melatonin levels in the human body. The PH level scales of the human body. It contracts and successfully releases the human body from most existing tumors. It contains anti-aging properties, and it revitalizes your organs.

The Benefits of Rick Simpson Oil With such great utilities, it is a surprise why you could even question the use of Rick Simpson Oil. It is safe to consume and has no adverse side effects unless you want to count happiness, drowsiness, and hunger.

Rick Simpson Oil and Cancer

Jerry is 75 years old from Oregon. He was having difficulty with intimacy and with urinating, but he chalked it up to old age. But on one trying day, he finally visited the ER where he was catheterized and diagnosed with prostate cancer.

After some testing, the urologist emphasized that, without chemotherapy, cancer would advance. Jerry met with an oncologist who discussed the drug Taxotere that would be used in the chemo, as well as the drug’s side effects. But Jerry was not satisfied, and he was not ready to commit to such a severe option. He knew he needed to get a second opinion. Read more about Jerry’s story at Rick Simpson Oil Cancer

How it works

Fight against cancer and other benefits Cannabis is a preferred way to get high, but more than that, cannabis also has a medicinal benefit: it can make live cancer cells go to sleep, so it is a potent natural drug to fight cancer. Most people know cannabis as medicinal marijuana. But the problem with smoking is, well, like other forms of tobacco, it’s not good for the lungs, so avoid smoking it.

The fight against cancer and other dreaded disease is on, and Rick Simpson oil is now at the center of this new fight. People should consider researching this topic more.

Rick Simpson Cannabis oil

From a medical marijuana activist view, it has proved to many that cancer (a deadly disease that has no cure in its advanced stages, according to medical professionals and government health agencies) can sometimes be cured simply with the help of natural hemp oil, despite the lack of medical assistance and the amount of conflict that Rick Simpson faced. He dedicated his life to helping us realize the benefits of using hemp oil and since then he has successfully cured more than 5000 patients, including not only cancer patients but also people suffering from other deadly and debilitating conditions, such as AIDS, Depression, Leukaemia, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, Diabetes, Psoriasis to name a few.

Rick Simpson Cannabis oil – benefits your sleep. If sleep is not natural for you, Rick Simpson cannabis oil can also solve problems related to insomnia. It works its magic by reducing the levels of anxiety and stress since both are related to lack of sleep. For cancer patients, this can be a blessing, since cannabis helps numb pain and allows the therapeutic benefits of sleep to take over.

What is the solution?

Condense the characteristics of cannabis in a safer solution, preferably in the form of cannabis oil. That means saying goodbye to the dangers associated with smoking, saving your lungs a lot of problems in the process, as well as enjoying the medicinal benefits of cannabis while you’re at it.

Where to Buy Rick Simpson Oil

RSO California is creating cannabis oil using the Rick Simpson method. If you think there is no hope in fighting your cancer and winning because your doctor has told you there is nothing else they can do for you (basically the doctor is sending you home to die) you’re wrong. It is possible you can improve the quality of your life and even win back your life. Learn more at

Rick Simpson Oil Company Contact

California, United States

Free RSO Consultation, CALL NOW: 323-484-7925



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