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Recovery of ethanol solvents in the distillation of hemp or cannabis

How do they work?

As the industry continues to grow, many companies have embarked on the adventure of creating the perfect ethanol recovery system. SubZero is a company that produces falling film evaporators. That is also known as The Einstein and The Einstein Plus. Because of their excellent quality stainless steel. These machines have ten rotary evaporators of 20L that can extract with an efficiency of 98.6% regularly. What makes the investment worthwhile is the fact that they can produce approximately 50 gallons per hour. Moreover SubZero offers a lifetime guarantee for all parts of the evaporator.

As the cannabis and hemp industries growing rapidly. There have been many advances in the field of mining machinery. The recovery of ethanol solvents is an important task. But one that requires a lot of time due to maximum visibility. Most of the time, due to its low resistance. Most of the ethanol is burned during the extraction process. This way, RotoVap was created. The vap was to pass the ethanol through pipes. Using the exposed pipes to the heat coming from the boiling water. That is to say,  creating an effective heating system. But one that is too intense for the extraction of ethanol. Therefore, to ensure that pure ethanol is safely extracted and in larger quantities. It is designing a machine with a closed-loop system.

Recovery of ethanol solvents in the distillation of hemp or cannabis
Recovery of ethanol solvents in the distillation of hemp or cannabis

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Downstream film evaporators process of extracting ethanol CBD and recovering solvents. It has advanced considerably through the creation of falling film evaporators. It is reported that they recover about 98% of ethanol. Due to its high heat resistance and efficient cooling methods.
Besides, falling film evaporators also solve the problems of bottlenecks. Those are created during the extraction and production processes. Most of the time, due to the low production capacity of the rotavap production would stop. That would cause manufacturers to buy a large quantity of machinery. So that the operation continues to flow. Otherwise, they could face a tremendous loss. Since the gaps in production decrease the overall production of the company.

Evaporator has the closed-loop system of a falling film. Therefore, it becomes a cost-effective solution. It can produce up to 30 gallons per hour. While the rotavap produces a rate of 1.5 gallons per hour. Besides, its automated nature made it essential. Since workers who had been assigned the task of operating the RotoVap. They can be assigned to more productive tasks. The control panel that comes with most of the automated extraction system. It provides easy access and competent control of the operation of the machine.

How do they work?

The falling film evaporator extraction system works in such a way that when the ethanol enters a heating chamber. It is heated periodically because the ethanol burns quite quickly. The evaporated ethanol is condensed and then extracted from the machine. This process has been considered perfect for the large scale extraction of ethanol. For the production of infused products and medicines since it produces high results.



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